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Selena Steele Biography Photo Selena Steele Biography
Born: 1/17/1961
Aliases: Selena Steel

Country of Origin: United States United States CA - California Los Angeles
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 162 cm - 5 feet and 4 inches
Weight: 52 kg - 114 lbs
Measurements: 36D-24-35
Fake Boobs: Yes
Career Status: Retired
Shoe Size: 7
Tattoos: Navel, Two Cherries Under Pubes

Winner of 1992 AVN Award: Best Supporting Actress - Video. Member of AVN Hall of Fame.

Steele's career consisted mainly of being on the strip club dance circuit for long stretches at a time, with comparatively brief returns to California to shoot movies. As a result, she appeared in fewer than 40 porn films during the approximately five year period of her heyday. She claimed to not have any sex while on her dance circuit, and that essentially her entire sex life for several years consisted of what was shot for movies, which contributed to her obvious enthusiasm and frequent apparent orgasms in her videos.

Her performances on film originally consisted mostly of vaginal intercourse and oral sex. Her first on-screen anal sex scene was featured in the movie Steele Butt in 1993. She also starred in two movies of Gangbang Girl series which featured extensive anal sex (selena did not perform anal intercourse in the Gangbang Girls films but did perform analingus on several of the male performers) and continued to perform anal scenes for several years afterward.

After 1993, Steele essentially disappeared from the porn movie industry for almost ten years. She resurfaced in the 2000s, primarily in specialty movies for the MILF market, enjoying a career comeback that trades in on her earlier fame. While older, she still maintains an attractive figure and shoulder-length brunette hair.

From Luke's
Born around 1967, Selena Steel (she has an older brother and sister) grew up in a small town in Orange County, Southern California. She began nude modeling and stripping around 1990.

"I was an executive secretary and computer programmer," Steel told Richard Pacheco in an interview published in the May, 2001 issue of Batteries Not Included ( "Once, when I was reading the paper, I saw an ad for centerfolds. So, I called Mike Rick, who was an agent then, and went for an interview. He sent me out on my first job... I had to dress up in lacy panties and put pigtails in my hair and then they photographed me in kind of this nude layout on a trampoline for some kind of masturbation magazine.

"I was bored. I always dated very conservative men. I was about 23 and I felt that life was passing me by...

"My father is an alcoholic. He used to tell me how ugly I was, unattractive and stupid. I thought, 'Well, I'll show him.' I got in the magazines and it built back my confidence. It was like proving to myself that I could do it. I wasn't ugly like he told me I was.

"I went to therapy for three years and my relationship with him improved.

"I also dated a guy for six years who told me that he'd never marry someone who took their clothes off for a magazine. As soon as I broke up with him, I started doing it [nude modeling].

"I like a man who has power. The guy I dated for six years owned a very, very large insurance company nationwide and all through Europe. He was worth about $72 million.

"I always seek powerful men. I've dated over sixteen millionaires."

After getting a breast enlargement, Selena did a couple of photo layouts for Hustler which led to her entry into hardcore.

"When the Hustler layout came out, some people that I went to high school with sent me a Bible. They made these phone calls to me that forced me to have my number changed.

"I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. I went to the Cinderella party and I was approached. A long time ago, I told myself I would never do movies. I had to draw the line somewhere and that was my life. But I decided, 'Well, I'll do one and see what it's like.'

Steele debuted in a movie for John Leslie in a scene with Joey Silvera.

In her second scene, Selena did Marc Wallice. "I wasn't attracted to Marc. There isn't any chemistry. I didn't find him to be a warm person. Joey was warm.

"I didn't like it [her scene with Wallice]. I pretended he was Joey Silvera. Mark just was a total turn-off to me. We had bad chemistry."

Selena lost her lesbian virginity to a fellow nude model.

Interview with Selena Steele
- 7/27/2002
Phone Interview
Although my esteemed Editorial Director at the Empire don't necessarily see eye to eye on everything (he's hopelessly infatuated with Ron Jeremy, while I have an erotic fixation for Jamie Gillis. Just kidding on both counts, by the way), we do agree in our lust and love for Selena Steele. One of the hottest brunettes to appear in blue movies, Ms. Steele set the world on fire with her mind-blowing and nut-busting performances in acclaimed movies like Curse of The Catwoman, Anything That Moves and Hate To See You Go. With her deep dark eyes, long thick hair and an absolutely kick-ass body, Selena was an astounding presence in all her movies. Lamentably, she retired in the early nineties, leaving behind a legacy of adult films which stand out as modern classics. Now, Selena has returned back to her world with a featured role in Jim Holliday's Sorority Sex Kittens, a series which was originally made popular by her starring appearance in the first two movies, as well as Melted Pink. Though she has remained active on the dance circuit, her return back on the set and under the hot lights of blue movies is a dream cum true for all her fans. And while we await the release of her latest films, Adult DVD Empire is proud to present this Exclusive Interview with the one and only Selena Steele. (7/27/2002) We're big fans of your Selena, and we want to know what you've been doing lately. I know that you've been touring for at least the past six years...
Selena Steele: I've been touring for the past sixteen years!

Q: According to my shaky recollection, you stopped doing films around 1996?
Selena Steele: No, it was actually earlier than that. I had a retirement party thrown on Sorority Sex Kittens 2.

Q: I always thought that The Gangbang Girl 7-8 was your farewell performance....
Selena Steele: You know, I can't remember whether I did that before this retirement party, or after. And it takes awhile to release them, too....

Q: That's true. So these videos could have been released long after the date you stopped working.
Selena Steele: I think I retired actually the end of '93, or the beginning of '94. It was awhile.

Q: Let me start from the beginning, but I know that I'm going to jump around a lot. You were born on January 17?
Selena Steele: Yep. Nobody ever believes me when I tell them how old I am anyways.

Q: You looked like you were in your twenties when you stopped doing films. I first saw you live and in person when you appeared at [names strip club] in San Francisco a few years ago...
Selena Steele: Yeah, that was horrible!

Q: Yeah, it's a notoriously popular place, but it's kind of sucky...
Selena Steele: I never went back. I had some guy pull a knife on me on the street out there. Some vagrant. I would never do that club again. And I was really pissed off at the club because they were charging the audience ten more dollars to get in the room I was in after my show to get an autograph in the back.

Q: The DJs don't know how to run the music.
Selena Steele: Ah, jeez...he doesn't even know you're on stage!

Q: I did manage to get an autograph in the back, although they don't treat their stars very well.
Selena Steele: You know, you're one of the few to get an autograph that week because I got so mad about it when I found out what was going on that I boycotted the place. That's no way to treat the fans and the customers.

Q: Weren't you in Sacramento, California not too long ago?
Selena Steele: Yes, I was. That was my last week on the road, because I just had back surgery three weeks ago [June 2002].

Q: I can't believe that you were dancing with a bad back!
Selena Steele: I had a herniation at L-5 [low back]. The doctors didn't know how I was dancing.

Q: You must have been in constant pain...
Selena Steele: I would take a pain pill and go onstage, and then I'd get back stage and then cry.

Q: You've toured and been everywhere around the world, but you're originally from Los Angeles?
Selena Steele: Born in Los Angeles and raised in Orange County.

Q: Prior to your adult career, I understand you were doing computer programming?
Selena Steele: Yes, I worked for a big insurance company on Wilshire Boulevard.

Q: Before you did magazine layouts and hardcore, were you interested in or even watching adult material?
Selena Steele: Nope. It all came out of a bet between some girlfriends and me. We wanted to see who could get published in a magazine first. So we all sent our pictures to different places.

Q: Where were you first published?
Selena Steele: It was in Velvet, I think. I was photographed by a woman named Shirley. I thought it was so cool that a woman shot me, you know. It made it a lot easier, because I was extremely shy about it.

Q: Were you doing any modeling before adult?
Selena Steele: Nope!

Q: Just working 9 to 5 as a professional when you started doing it...
Selena Steele: Yep! I just got a wild hair up my ass. [Laughs]

Q: Did you want to do porn films after the magazine layouts?
Selena Steele: No, I actually went on the road dancing as a feature, as a magazine covergirl. Then I went to the CES Show to help promote a Dirty Dancing instructional tape that was done by Patrick Swayze. And I ended up at a Cinderella [a major adult studio] party, where John Leslie for VCA was there. Everybody in the industry was at this big party. I spoke to him for a while, and he was very interested in me. He said, "I don't care if you just stand in my videos, I want you in one of my videos!" I found out that he won for Director Of The Year for The Catwoman with Kathleen Jentry.

Q: And he cast you in the successful sequel, Curse Of The Catwoman...
Selena Steele: Later on, yeah. But my first movie for him was The Chameleon starring Tori Welles.

Q: You shared a scene with Joey Silvera, I believe.
Selena Steele: Oh, my god, and it was so good, too! I hadn't had sex for a long time, like eleven weeks [at the time of that production].

Q: How did you approach having sex on camera?
Selena Steele: I didn't want a lot of lines, you know? I was turned on by Joey, really bad! I had a crush on him for a longtime!

Q: Did you see him outside of the studio?
Selena Steele: Yeah, he had come to San Francisco on a trip when I was starring in one of the theatres, and we had a foursome with another couple.

Q: Was The Chameleon your very first film?
Selena Steele: First "X." I had done a lot of T & A stuff for a guy that owned a company down in San Diego, and I wish I could remember who it was, or find a piece of paper with the name of the company on it so I could find some of those videos. He died of cancer so I can't contact him.

Q: Were these tapes ever released publicly or did they play on cable?
Selena Steele: They were mail order. And I did just a ton of them. They were softcore, you know, T & A stuff: trying on pantyhose, panties, girdles, little dresses.

Q: When you started doing the feature videos for John Leslie, was that your first time doing a full-blown, big budget adult movies?
Selena Steele: Yes.

Q: Have you ever heard about the actors that you were working with before? Did you know about Silvera, Tori Welles, and the other stars before doing the movie?
Selena Steele: No, I had only seen one porn in my life before that: Talk Dirty To Me. I took my sister-in-law with a bunch of girls to a bachelorette party at a Pussycat Theatre.

Q: And how did you react the first time you saw graphic sex on the screen?
Selena Steele: We were all really young, dressed in trench coats and hats. We were giggly, we thought it was really funny!

Q: Before porn, were you always highly sexually active?
Selena Steele: I was in long term relationships, but very active! I always found guys with big dicks! I don't know how I find them, I must have radar. Jim Holliday was telling me that there's only 7% of the population that has a cock 8" or more, and all my boyfriends have big dicks! I don't know what it is, I guess I'm just one lucky girl!

Q: So I guess seeing these guys in adult, their sizes didn't surprise you.
Selena Steele: No, they didn't, but I did love Rocco!

Q: You were with him in...
Selena Steele: Curse Of The Catwoman, [in a threesome] with Patricia Kennedy.

Q: Did adult turn you on into being more sexually adventurous, or were you always wild before?
Selena Steele: I was always sexually adventurous. I dated a lot of Scorpios. They're highly sexual!

Q: Most of those movies you were in were critically acclaimed and generated a lot of sales, like Curse where you had sex with Rocco...
Selena Steele: I fucked him in the shower afterwards, too. I wanted some more of that...Not that I didn't get off [during the production], because I did get off. But I wanted to get off again! [Laughs]

Q: It's been previously reported that you have real orgasms on camera...
Selena Steele: There were a few sex scenes, actually they were girl-girl, that I did not get off.

Q: You did Randy Spears in Curse Of The Catwoman...
Selena Steele: Got off on that one!

Q: And you were also with Marc Wallice, where I read somewhere that you didn't care for that scene at the time.
Selena Steele: Actually, that whole thing was like a whole "love scene," you know?

Q: Was it the situation, or was it the partner?
Selena Steele: No, I liked Marc. But if you go back to that movie and listen to the dialogue, it was like me telling him I like him and to please don't leave...I would never beg a man to stay! [Laughs] That's kind of harsh, but it's the truth.

Q: You also shared a scene with Lauren Hall in The Tease. She was popular but only did a handful of films.
Selena Steele: Yes, I was also with Tom Byron in that scene.

Q: Umm...well, wait. Weren't you with Tom Byron and Ashlyn Gere in The Last Resort? The one I'm talking about was with Lauren Hall, and then Randy West comes in and you guys have a quickie...
Selena Steele: Oh, that's right!

Q: Of course, I watch your movies all the time!
Selena Steele: It's hard for me to remember some of those movies, because many of the scenes were shot at the same time for different films. But Lauren Hall was beautiful!

Q: I'll say. She still has a cult following.
Selena Steele: You know, she did a couple of movies and shortly after that, she got out.

Q: Did you try to stay in touch with actors or actresses you've worked with after you got out?
Selena Steele: I've stayed in touch with a few. Nina Hartley and Angela Summers, I've stayed in touch. Rayne...actually, she and I were dance partners.

Q: Rayne, she was in a few of your movies although I don't recall you working with her in a scene...
Selena Steele: We're going to have to get those movies out!

Q: Yeah, we'll get together someday and just watch them one by one.
Selena Steele: Okay! [Laughs]

Q: I wish. Besides the Leslie films, you did other work for other studios, including Anabolic's The Gangbang Girl 7-8. What made you decide to do that one?
Selena Steele: Because I've never done anything super-nasty in my videos. It was fun! We shot both of those in one weekend.

Q: And now you've just done an anal scene in the new Sorority Sex Kittens movie?
Selena Steele: Yes, but you know what? Let's back up to Steele Butt.

Q: I was just about to say, wasn't that your very first anal flick?
Selena Steele: It was, but I don't even consider that video! It was so bad! It wasn't supposed to be titled Steele Butt. They got me drunk on champagne, and then the guy entered me using Wesson oil on my butt. That's the truth. And it was like really gritty, it was like having sandpaper in your ass! I call it getting a "Wesson lesson." My butt burned for a week.

Q: Who was your partner in that scene?
Selena Steele: Dick Nasty.

Q: So you didn't intend to do an anal scene in that video at that time?
Selena Steele: Not at all

Q: When the film was eventually released, how did you feel? Were you upset? Would you rather have not seen it on video?
Selena Steele: Well, it was like, you know...who cares? I just wish it was better for the fans. But the cinematography, if you can even call it that, was the absolute worst.

Q: Then the anal scene you did just recently is one we truly can enjoy?
Selena Steele: Yes, this was me redeeming myself! [Laughs]

Q: Who was your anal partner in this new Kittens sequel?
Selena Steele: Alex Sanders.

Q: Did you enjoy it?
Selena Steele: Yeah!

Q: Really? In your private life did you ever do anal?
Selena Steele: No, but the funny thing is that I've just broke up a long-term relationship with this guy last November, and the guy was an anal freak! All he wanted to do was fuck me in the ass...

Q: And you resisted?
Selena Steele: Nope, I would not do it. Because of my experience with Dick Nasty. I would not even try it. Doing it with Dick Nasty just totally turned me off to the whole thing.

Q: What made you decide to do it at this time?
Selena Steele: I just thought, well I'll give it a try...again. I don't know, it's basically for fans.

Q: How many scenes are you in this series?
Selena Steele: Well, I was in Sorority Sex Kittens 1 and 2. They decided to do 3, 4 and 5 without me. They decided to bring my character back, Sister Songtitle in number six. And I am in a sex scene with Shayla LaVeaux, and then with Alex Sanders, and then in Melted Pink I'm in a scene with my new favorite guy. [Laughs] I gave him my number... he called me, too!

Q: Who is this guy?
Selena Steele: Mark Ashley...oh, my god! He's got the biggest dick. I can't wait for him to come over! I was going to fuck him in his truck afterwards, but I had to get ready to do a little dialogue scene out in the desert. [Laughs] So I didn't have time, damn it!

Q: So are you going to be back doing videos regularly?
Selena Steele: Well, I had this back surgery, and I can't go out on the road and dance. I have to take twelve weeks off. So I'll be off until September. And I'm a workaholic, and being home everyday and not being able to exercise...I can't play tennis, I can't do anything, so I decided to make a few videos.

Q: Dancing could not have helped your back much...
Selena Steele: Oh, my god. What a brutal sport! [Laughs] It's like being an athlete. I actually think I herniated the disc playing tennis. I went through this back pain for a year.

Q: How do you feel now?
Selena Steele: No pain down the leg now! My back is stiff, and I can't bend over or forward very well. But they were really good to me on the movie set, I had a golf cart to get around. I'm looking at my tennis racket, and I'm dying to play. I was the most athletic girl in my school.

Q: Did you finish high school, or...
Selena Steele: Oh, yeah and two years of college. I was into gymnastics, I was gymnast for twelve years. I did ballet.

Q: Hey, is all that sex good for your back? Don't you have to take it easy?
Selena Steele: In the videos, I have to be in a certain position. In my discharge papers from the hospital, the only thing I could do immediately, was have sex! They give you a whole list of things you can't do, but the one thing you can do is have sex, so I told my sister that some man wrote this! [Laughs] Some horny guy wrote these discharge papers!

Q: Well, you have a fantastic body. We know that by your videos...
Selena Steele: Well, I've gained about ten pounds since then, because I haven't been able to exercise for a year.

Q: But at least you're up and around and active. Teri Weigel, I think, also had surgery to her back.
Selena Steele: I actually spoke to her about it...that was like two years ago. And she just recently had another one. I didn't have any options left, but the surgery was the best thing I ever did. Because the surgeon knew I was a dancer, he kept the incision within the tan line and made the incision half the size it was supposed to be.

Q: That's great...
Selena Steele: And then he brought in all his residents by my room to show my ass!

Q: I see...[Laughs]
Selena Steele: The hardest position to do in the movies for me was doggy style, because it arches my back and that would put a lot of strain on it. I didn't stay in doggy for very long when I was sucking somebody's dick or getting it on that way. But I hope I did a good enough job.

Q: We're all looking forward to it, because recently, a lot of beloved stars have made hugely successful comebacks: Ginger Lynn, Ashlyn Gere...
Selena Steele: You know what, I don't even want to call this a comeback. It's just for fun, to tell you the truth. It's not like I need the money over the summer, because I saved my money. It's just because I am bored! I need something to do!

Q: Are you dating anyone since the recent break-up?
Selena Steele: I'm not seeing anyone right now.

Q: Then who is taking care of you during this convalescence?
Selena Steele: Friends, family...I have good friends and my family is really close. I'm really lucky.

Q: Well, your fans are glad that you are at least doing a few videos again...
Selena Steele: Well, I needed the sex, too, okay? I hadn't had sex for seven months!

Q: I read somewhere that outside of your relationships and on camera, you don't have sex that much in your private life...
Selena Steele: Yes, it's absolutely true. That's why I cum as soon as they stick it in. As soon as the dick touches the outer lips!

Q: Did you have a hard time enjoying yourself in your recent flicks because of back pain?
Selena Steele: Heck no! No problem. I chose the positions, the only one that hurt a little bit was the doggy style with Alex. Jim knew I was hurting, so we changed it to the spoon, for the anal! [Laughs] I got a lot of tips from people, like Shayla told me a couple little things to do. The camera man told me what to do. Because it did hurt for the first minute, when he first sticks it in. It's like a stabbing pain for about a minute, and I wasn't sure if I was going to go through it, and Alex said to stay there, to not move and try to relax. And he was right, in a minute it went away. So I had some help!

Q: How was it returning back to the set of an adult feature?
Selena Steele: It was like being at home. It was Jim Holliday. I've worked with him before. So it was like...the same thing!

Q: How do you feel being back working in front of the cameras?
Selena Steele: I've had a lot of fun!

Q: How did you get in touch with VCA to let them know about being available?
Selena Steele: I called Jim Holliday back in February to ask him to do me a favor for the CES show next year. I can't tell you what the favor is because it's a secret! He said he would do it for me, and then he started talking about Sorority Sex Kittens 6, and wanted to know if I wanted to be in it, and I said I don't know, let me think about it. I thought about it, and decided, yeah, why not?

Q: Are you going to keep working for VCA? With Jim Holliday again?
Selena Steele: Yeah, I think so. He doesn't have another script ready yet, so...

Q: Do you keep in touch with other directors like John Leslie?
Selena Steele: Oh, yes. I've helped induct him into the Hall Of Fame the year before last at a big bookstore in Las Vegas.

Q: Have you been to recent AVN Awards or other industry events?
Selena Steele: Yeah. I took my last fiancÚ actually with me. He's never been to anything like that. He was actually a big fan of mine. I met him in a club. My last two boyfriends I met on the road in a club.

Q: You're kidding me?! That's a fan's dream come true.
Selena Steele: They were fans, my last two serious relationships. [On the road] I come fly in and see them...spend the week! A lot of girls won't date their fans, they say "ah, no way! I don't know who they are!" But I try to be a good judge of character. [Laughs] When I was working in the insurance industry, I ended up dating the owner of the company, and he was worth about $72 million. But you know what, it's not about money. One of the guys I dated about six years, he didn't have two nickels to rub together. So it's not about that, it's about the person that they are. It's all about the sex, damn it! [Laughs] The guy I was with for six years, it took us six years to break up because the sex was so good! [Laughs]

Q: Why did you leave adult in the mid-nineties?
Selena Steele: I actually had a boyfriend that I was dating, and it was a very serious relationship. And I took him to this Jim Holliday set [Sorority Sex Kittens 1 and 2] with me, and I was having a three-way sex scene with TT Boy, Chuck Martino and...oh, who's mister big dick but you can't touch his hair...?

Q: [Laughs] Umm...
Selena Steele: Oh, you know who I mean?

Q: No, I don't...wait...Peter North?
Selena Steele: Yes, him! I was having sex with those three, and they finished filming it but I was still fucking TT Boy. And so I got into a little trouble over it...

Q: Because your boyfriend thought you were a little too into it?
Selena Steele: Yes, I was still having fun when the lights were off. And the next day they threw a surprise retirement party on the set, and so I retired. That relationship went on for like six years. And I just got out of another one that went on for three years.

Q: Your plan was to quit work for this guy?
Selena Steele: No, it wasn't planned. It just happened. He requested it, so I did it.

Q: But you agreed to make public appearances and go on dance tours, but not doing hardcore.
Selena Steele: Yeah.

Q: We talked about some of the actors you worked with in the past. Besides your crush on Joey Silvera, have you ever fallen in love with the other guys in your movies?
Selena Steele: On the set? No, you know, I think it's just the sex thing.

Q: Even with guys like Peter North and...?
Selena Steele: I wasn't attracted to him in that way. It was just sexual. He's fun and funny, too. It's kind of school girl crush thing. It wasn't long lasting, I didn't date him or anything. The last guy, actually, he was a fan as I said, and I was helping him move, and in his closet I found a receipt from 1996 from a place where he had gotten one of my videos, Hate To See You Go. It was funny!

Q: You were with Eric Price in that movie, and Marc Wallice in a separate scene.
Selena Steele: I gave Eric Price that good blowjob in a barn.

Q: And there was a superb segment when you were on a table doing a great hummer on Eric upside down...
Selena Steele: Oh, yeah! And then in the chair! That chair broke you know.

Q: Actually, I think we see that on one of the outtakes on the video, it's where you're bouncing on him reverse cowgirl style, and the chair collapses...
Selena Steele: Yeah, and then I laughed so hard, I almost peed on him!

Q: Great, great scene!
Selena Steele: Well, I enjoy being more the fucker than the "fuckee". In these last two videos, I was more of the "fuckee", because of my back. You know how active I was in my videos. And to not be able to put as much into it, just kills me!

Q: How much do you like the girl-girl scenes? You did one with Cameo in a film called The Wild And The Innocent?
Selena Steele: That was one of the sex scenes I'm talking about where I did not get off in. She was just not that into it that day.

Q: How about The Tease with Lauren Hall?
Selena Steele: She was good! But I like guys. I have to have dick! I'll get off with girls, but I prefer a guy. It's like when they slide it in, the dick is so hot! I can just feel the heat from a dick. I can have vaginal orgasms. Some girls can't, but I can instantly! I can have multiple orgasms, it just runs through the whole thing. It comes in like a wave!

Q: You were very popular despite not doing hundreds of videos...
Selena Steele: How many did I do? About twenty-three? Bill Margold said I was in the business at the perfect time. And the videos I selected to do were the perfect videos. There hasn't been another girl that he could remember that had a career that took off so fast, that it was like a meteorite. But I had a lot of talented people behind me.

Q: You looked great on the cover of Anything That Moves. That was one of your first major roles, and one of your best films, I think...
Selena Steele: You know why? The little scenarios were taken out of my life. They were little vignettes put together in the movie that really happened to me on the road!

Q: So you helped John Leslie with all the scenes...
Selena Steele: I actually went to lunch with [screenwriter] Henri Pachard and told him all these different things that happened. And they took the ones for the video! That was so much fun! It's easy playing myself!

Q: That was a really dark, intriguing film...
Selena Steele: But I actually never murdered anybody. [Laughs]

Q: Besides the rare movies where you didn't have orgasms, can you tell me about the other films where you really came on screen?
Selena Steele: All of them! [Laughs] Every single one! I was like in a relationship, when I was making most of those movies. I would go on the dance circuit for three months at a time. Then I would come home and I would make a movie. That was my sex! I wouldn't have sex on the road with guys that I would meet.

Q: Even if you were turned on by them?
Selena Steele: Are you kidding? You could wind up in the gutter dead somewhere!

Q: Then why did you start dating these past two guys you met on the road?
Selena Steele: These two guys...well, they just had something special! They were guys my age, within a year or two of my age.

Q: Let's wrap this up with some further probing into your private life, when did you lose your virginity?
Selena Steele: When I was 17.

Q: Was that to a high school sweetheart?
Selena Steele: Nah, it was just some guy. A guy with a huge dick! I didn't think he got it in but he did. The evidence was there the next morning on the sheets. [Laughs]

Q: Oh, I understand. Well, what about your first girl-girl?
Selena Steele: It was with a woman I did a photo layout. This was before porno. We did a magazine layout together. And she and her husband invited me over to dinner. And then she got in the shower and it was the first time my cookie had ever been shaved, and then we did a girl-girl in there.

Q: You enjoyed it?
Selena Steele: Oh, yeah! It was fun!

Q: How about giving head? We know you're an expert at that...
Selena Steele: I couldn't imagine not giving head! I know some people - I won't say who - but I have somebody in my life close to me, and she won't give her husband a blowjob! She thinks it's disgusting. I could not even imagine not sucking a dick!

Q: Poor guy. He must love her very, very, very much...
Selena Steele: They were high school sweethearts. But I could not imagine...

Q: You ever thinking him offering him a show him what he's missing?
Selena Steele: No! I'm related to him! [Laughs]

Q: Uh, yeah. That probably would not be a good idea.
Selena Steele: [Laughs]

Q: Are your parents in good health? Do you get along with them?
Selena Steele: They're still alive. They actually came out for my surgery. They live in another state.

Q: Do they know what you do for a living?
Selena Steele: Yes, they found out through the cable guide, which they get every month. There was picture of me in an ad for the Adam & Eve channel. They didn't know for six years.

Q: Are they cool with it?
Selena Steele: Oh, yeah. They're fine. They tell me to just be careful. They don't want to have to ever bury a daughter.

Q: When you left adult, there was a time when HIV infections and scares were becoming a big concern. Was that something that worried you?
Selena Steele: I left before that. It hadn't hit yet...for quite a few years, actually. I think it's been about eight years since I made a movie.

Q: Yeah, I think that the scare occurred in the late nineties...
Selena Steele: Some guy was mad at me because I didn't do something for him in the early nineties. And he interviewed me, and he said I had it and stuff...remember that on RAME [rec.arts.movies.erotica newsgroup]?

Q: Wait..Somebody actually spread some rumor that you were HIV infected?!
Selena Steele: Oh, yes.

Q: I don't remember that rumor at all!
Selena Steele: Go back and do the search. It was awful. I got a lawyer, too, ready to sue [the people who started the rumor]. I was livid. For months, I had to deal with it. It was probably about three years ago.

Q: Well, the trouble with the internet is that almost anyone can post anything, true or not, just to stir the shit. But do you visit other adult sites a lot, or at least surf the net?
Selena Steele: Well, I have nothing to do at home! I need a boyfriend!

Q: I'll be right over, but I've got to tell my wife where I'm going first...
Selena Steele: I need a boyfriend so bad! [Laughs] But you know what? I wouldn't be a great date right now, either. When I go to the movies, it hurts to sit down that long.

Q: Like I said, we'll just lay there in your bedroom and watch your videos all day...
Selena Steele: [Laughs] Okay!

Q: By the way, where does the name "Selena Steele" come from?
Selena Steele: "Selena" was actually a girlfriend's name, and "Steele" came from "Remington Steele." Can you believe all the "Steeles" that are in the business now?

Q: Yeah, there's Taren Steele, Sydnee Steele, Krystal Steal and a lot more. Your name is as popular and as well known as "Lynn."
Selena Steele: It's ridiculous. And even the featured club dancer that don't make movies use it all the time.

Q: Some of them also use your spelling, with the double "e" and the "le" at the end.
Selena Steele: A lot of the girls that came in and used it tell me that they saw me in clubs across the country. It's such a joke, that people can't get a little more creative!

Q: They may be riding on your coattails. It's too bad you can't trademark the name and get a piece of their action! Too bad you can't get a lawyer to get royalties.
Selena Steele: I know, huh? Wouldn't that be nice? [Laughs]

Q: You had a big fan-following when you left, and it's hard to follow someone when they're not doing videos. Weren't you going to do a website?
Selena Steele: It's coming up very soon, I'm working on it while I'm at home.

Q: I thought it was supposed to go up some years ago...
Selena Steele: I was still so much into being on the road, that I thought I really can't take the time to do it and do it like it's supposed to be. And I didn't want somebody else to do it, and write fake stuff on me. I didn't want to do it. And it's a big thing to manage, so you have to have the time to do it right.

Q: During the time you left adult and now, how did fans keep in touch with you?
Selena Steele: By e-mail. I've had extremely loyal fans over the years, and I appreciate it so much!

Q: So do we. Finally, besides the break-up and the surgery, how are you doing generally?
Selena Steele: I'm happy! But when I have problems in my regular life, I revert back to being Selena. It's where I can escape. It's been a very, very hard year. But it's made me a stronger person. I think that if I made it through this last year, there's nothing I can't do!

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